PVC / PU Belt Conveyors

PVC Belt Conveyors


These conveyors can be used for transferring Carton boxes, packing material & bags, etc in inclined and declined or in straightway. To reduce labor and to increase the efficiency to make a process for production-based Industries.

Below are some of the different combination belts used to convey for different application & Products

  • Z- Type conveyors
  • PVC plain Belt conveyors
  • Rough top conveyors for inclined conveying
  • Cleated & side wall Belt conveyors

PU Belt Conveyors / Food Transfer Conveyors


These are the conveyors used were food material is directly in contact with the belt. These conveyors can also be available in Stainless 304 Body. These are used in all Food Industries were food to transfer or feed to packing machine or for sorting. Industries such biscuit, bakery and confectionery use.

Below are the types of conveyors used according to the application

  • Straight conveyors
  • Z type or cleated & side wall conveyors
  • Stainless steel Food grade belt conveyors for Process area
  • 90-180 degrees PU Knife edge Conveyors
  • Knife edge conveyors (Both sides) for transferring small product like biscuits, chocolates & cakes in order to maintain the orientation
PVC Belt Conveyors