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Raj Conveyors is the leading Spiral Chutes conveyors manufacturers which are used to bridge relatively large height differences in confined spaces with the option of several feeds, arranged opposite or one above the other.

Spiral chutes are developed, designed and manufactured individually according to your specific needs. The conveying height and direction can be varied by a modular design, and the coil diameter and pitch as well as the dimensions of the inputs and outputs are variable. The active sliding surface is pressed three-dimensionally with gentle transitions for particularly smooth and noiseless transport of packaged goods.

Spiral Chute Conveyor is one of the least expensive methods of conveying material. It is a gravity-operated conveyor. It is used in shipping areas; a spiral chute can be used to convey items between floors with a minimum amount of space required.
A channel or shaft underground, or an inclined trough aboveground, through which ore falls or is shot by gravity from a higher to a lower level.
The Spiral Conveyors convey loads up or down in a continuous flow, facilitating high throughput. Many spirals can operate at speeds in excess of 200 FPM and are optionally reversible.