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Loading & Unloading Conveyors


Raj Conveyors are the leading Truck Loading/Unloading Conveyors manufacturers. Our offered Loading Conveyors System is very cost effective, easy to maintain and saves considerable floor space. These are used to load carton boxes & Bags into trucks and containers. Were the loading deck is not available. Can be used in different industries were bags and boxes are used extecively for packing.

  • Movable
  • Easy to handle
  • Can achieve different heights for stacking of bags

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Dock less Loading Conveyors

Dockless loading conveyors is quite welcome to automatiCally load or unload goods in and out of trailers/vans/truck/containers in warehouse,harbor,airport,dock, solves the problems of no shipping docks when loading or unloading.the mechanized operation largely increases work efficiency,relieves labor intensity and also reduces cost for modern enterprises in a side range of facilitates goods handing work and also provides advantages to advanced production,modernized mangement and safe operation.

Bags Loading & Unloading Conveyors

These types of conveyors are used for loading and unloading of 50, 100kg bags both jutte and carton boxes. This conveyors is having huge demand in soya plants, sugar mills & flour mills for storing activities.

Bags Stacking Conveyors

Made from the best grade materials, our bag stacker conveyors is a time-saving and efficient solution for loading, unloading and stacking of bags and sacks. Powered by steerable axle units, the conveyors system can reach any corner of the truck and the container to pick up the bags or sacks. According to the size of the bag and the load it carries, you can customize or assemble the conveyors to a compatible height and width. You can load or stack your bags to any height with the help of a custom-made assembly of your choice.

Truck Loading & Unloading Conveyors